The Roadkill Cure: The Paleo Diet in Lexington, Kentucky

The Roadkill Cure: The Paleo Diet in Lexington, Kentucky

Meet the one who eats raw meat, dances on poles, and dates a vegetarian.

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*The Roadkill Cure*
Through wholesome ingesting, there’s no such thing as a finest weight reduction program. One man’s food is one other man’s poison. That’s why after we discovered of someone who came all through successfully being on a weight reduction program of raw meat, we weren’t in the slightest degree surprisedL. We were eager and desired to be taught more. This day on Million Methods to Live, we seek suggestion from Lexington, Kentucky, where Derek Nance displays us how wholesome dwelling can factor in unsuitable to an outsider, and yet calm be firmly grounded in wholesome standard of living principles.

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Be a part of us as we shuttle all during the field to order you amazing of us with amazing reviews which are obvious to inspire and motivate you. After looking at about a episodes, we hope every person is a puny bit of more open-minded and accepting of a few ways of lifestyles and discovering happiness.

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